Los Angeles Procedure – Is Hair Removal Permanent?

7 Mar

is hair removal permanent? Such people are usually given an overview of the procedure and told how it gets rid of hair even from hardest of body areas such as face.

The results of laser hair removal may be affected by

  1. Skin type. People having light skin are considered to be the best candidates for the procedure. On the other hand, people with medium skin may require more treatment sessions while those with dark skin are not likely to have good results.
  2. Hair color. Here, the dark hair is considered to be best with medium hair requiring more treatments and the light hair hard to work. However, white or grey hair is believed not to be effective for the procedure.
  3. Hair cycle. As the hairs don’t remain on the same growth level, the treatment may require more than one session.
  4. External factors. It works collectively as a result of tanning or sun exposure, herpes and history of scarring.
  5. Laser parameters. Depending on an individual case, the surgeon may decide wavelength, pulse-width, width of the laser beam and energy level.

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