Los Angeles Laser Hair Removal

22 Feb

Los Angeles is a world center for business, international trade, entertainment, culture, media, fashion, science, sports, technology and education. The city is also known as Entertainment Capital of the World, for being home to Hollywood. Apart from these, the city is host to number of dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons who may carry out procedures like laser hair removal.

Los Angeles laser hair removal may use a combination of energy and heat to destroy follicles without doing any harm to the surrounding area. To experience hair reduction, the treatment may require several sessions. As the hair follicles in body cycle through different phases, the procedure may only treat a certain percentage of follicles at a time. Depending on an individual, a dermatologist may recommend 6 treatment sessions in an interval of 4–10 weeks.

For optimal results, the patient may be asked to stay out of sun and avoid the area to be treated, lotions, creams or products.

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